New guidelines for Second Career

Beginning November 20, 2009, changes to Second Career will focus the program on helping laid-off and unemployed Ontarians in need who will benefit most from training to find work. Ontario's Fall Economic Statement announced funding of $294.7 million to support employment and training programs, including Second Career.


Priority will be given to applicants who:

  • Are gaining new skills for a high-demand occupation

  • Have been unemployed for a long period of time

  • Have a high-school education or less, or postsecondary education credentials that are not recognized in Ontario

  • Are working toward a college certificate, diploma or license

  • Applicants will also be assessed on financial need and may be asked to contribute to their training.


    Program changes mean greater flexibility for Ontario families. Second Career participants will now be allowed to attend school on a part-time basis.


    Applicants must demonstrate that the career they want to train for is one that is in demand. 


    In order to simplify the delivery of Employment Ontario programs, the new guidelines apply to both Second Career and Ontario Skills Development participants. Ontarians can still apply for short-term or long-term training.


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    If you happen to be an EI recipient, kindly forward a copy of your most recent resume at the earliest, prior to scheduling yourselves in one of the upcoming information sessions with us.


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