SAP S/4HANA Sales (SD) Course Details

Start Date Class Timing (EST) Duration Mode of Training Location
30-Jun 9am to 2pm, every Sunday 8 Weeks Onsite Mississauga

    Who can do this course

    This course is suitable for entry-level Order Processing, Sales, Shipping business users who intend to pursue an SAP Associate Certification in SAP S/4HANA Sales and Distribution. This course is also suitable for new university and college graduates with no experience in SAP as long as they meet the functional requirement to attend this course.

    What does it covers

    This course covers the most critical Sales and Distribution functions, and configuration requirements you’ll need to know for implementing the SAP S/4HANA SALES module.

    Through lectures and numerous exercises you will receive extensive practice working through many business transactions leading to increased confidence in being able to apply what you have learned, in your work environment.

After course completion, you will be able to:

  • Execute the main business procedures involved in sales and distribution processing.
  • Implement the main functions and Customizing settings in sales and delivery processing.
  • Implement functions and make Customizing settings in pricing and billing.
  • Use functions and Customizing settings in general sales and distribution processes such as output and text determination.
  • Describe the motivation for S/4HANA Enterprise Management
  • Execute innovative logistics processes in the areas of logistics planning and execution in S/4HANA, especially in manufacturing, procurement, and sales
  • Learn about the simplification list
  • Outline the SAP User Experience strategy
  • Use SAP Fiori among other user interfaces to execute logistics processes
  • Outline different migration strategies
  • Explain the features and functions of the S/4HANA innovation in Sales
  • Describe the relevant simplifications compared to SAP ERP
  • Execute sales processes using the Fiori Launchpad

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Job Opportunities after completing the course

  • SAP S/4HANA SD Consultant (After passing the certification exam)
  • Business Process Owner
  • SAP Team Lead
  • SAP Power User
  • SAP End User

Certification Exam Details

This course will lead you towards the following certification

SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP S/4HANA Sales Upskilling (1709)
  • Associate Level
  • 80 questions for the exam
  • 3 Hours duration
  • Passing Score is 65%

Course Content

  • Processes in sales and distribution: organizational structures in sales and distribution, working with customer and material master data, overview of the process chain for sales order processing, introduction to pricing, introduction to the availability check, sales and distribution processing with make-to-order production, credit memo processing and returns processing, introduction to sales and distribution reporting.
  • Sales: Creating and processing sales orders, sales document types, item categories, schedule line categories, document flow and copying control, partner determination, contracts and scheduling agreements, special business transactions, incompletion logs, material determination, material listing/exclusion, product selection, free goods.
  • Delivery processes: Controlling outbound deliveries, creating and processing deliveries, picking, packaging, goods issue.
  • Condition technique for the definition and maintenance of prices, surcharges, and discounts
  • Using prices and other conditions in sales documents
  • Rebate processing
  • Controlling billing documents
  • Creation forms and settlement forms for billing documents
  • Billing plans and down payments
  • Revenue account determination, features of the SD-FI interface
  • Message determination / Text determination
  • Overview of performing system modifications using enhancement technology
  • SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management: Sales Innovations Overview
  • Business Roles and Business Catalogs in Sales and Billing
    • Overview of Sales Roles, Sales Catalogs, and SAP Fiori for Sales
  • Simplifications in SAP S/4HANA Sales
    • Data Model Simplifications
    • Business Partner Approach
  • Best Practices in Sales Order and Contract Management
    • Advanced Available-To-Promise
    • Sale from Stock
    • Billing Document Output Management
    • Credit Management
    • Revenue Accounting
    • Settlement Management: Rebate
  • Performance Management and Analytics in SAP S/4HANA Sales
    • Overview of Performance Management and Analytics in Sales
    • SAP Smart Business for Sales Order Fulfillment
  • SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management: Motivation and Overview
    • Explaining the Motivation Behind S/4HANA
    • Describing the Main Components of SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management
  • SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management: Simplification List
  • New User Experience: SAP Fiori UX
  • SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management: Planning
    • Creating a Demand Planning Approach in SAP S/4HANA
    • Executing the New Functionality in Material Requirements Planning (MRP) in SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management
    • Integrating Advanced Planning
  • SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management: Execution
    • Describing External Procurement and Inventory Management
    • Executing Discrete Production in SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management
    • Exploring Order Fulfillment
  • SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management: Real-Time Analytics