SAP MDM Master Data Management Course Outline

MDM Modules covered

  • Console

  • Data Manager (including Taxonomy, Validations, Workflow, and Matching)

  • Import Manager

  • Syndicator

    Master Data Harmonization

    Rich Product Content Management RPCM (Overview)

    Global Data Synchronization (Overview)

    Integration scenarios within SAP NetWeaver

  • Portal integration

  • BI integration

  • XI integration

  • R/3 Communication

    OCI integration

    Security and User Management


    Print Publishing Concepts and general philosophy

    Impact of Print Publishing on Data Model

    Paper Publishing Considerations

    MDM Print Publish Process flow

    MDM Print Publish features and functions

    Architectural Considerations

    Overview of Data Modeling Issues

    Overview of MDM Repository Tables/Fields/Taxonomies/Hierarchies/Qualifiers

    Data Modeling Project Preparation

    Modeling Issues/Solutions

    Data Modeling for Retail

    Data Modeling for SRM & CRM Products






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